AT&T Plans To Introduce Personalized Video Bills Soon

A billing notification, especially from a carrier, is usually a dull affair. It is usually a page staring back at you with some boring figures and at times, complicated calculations. To make things more interesting, AT&T plans to roll out personalized video bills soon to all its customers.

AT&T Video bills

This is an entirely new concept. AT&T has already tested the notion on a limited number of its users. The feedback seems to suggest that the users really like this new feature. A significant portion of the users who tested this feature would open and watch the complete video bill every month.

According to AT&T senior executive vice president, John Donovan, “This video bill is not a generic overview but a line-by-line visual and audio tour of your individual charges, emailed directly to you and also available when you log into your myAT&T account online.”

If you are availing multiple services from a carrier, your bill can be a fairly complicated document. It may confuse you at times, leaving you frustrated and oblivious as to what you are being charged for. A personalized video bill, on the other hand, can make you understand how you incurred the bill, with the help of animations and other cool features.

These video bills will essentially be a ‘simplified’ and more understandable form of the bills. AT&T is the first ever wireless carrier to introduce such a feature, and analysts believe that given their usefulness, other carriers will soon follow suite, offering their own video bills to the customers.

Source: AT&T

Courtesy: Eweek

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