AUO Integrates Flexible E-paper

AUO’s flexible e-paper to take on Stretch Armstrong in battle of the bendiest and AU Optronics hopes to facilitate with its 6-inch Rollable Organic TFT E-paper. AUO has finally delivered a working prototype that is completely solar powered and elastic enough to make even Gumby jealous and the SVGA e-paper has an amorphous silicon PV battery, which turns natural or indoor light into solar energy without requiring a power plug…………………..


AU Optronics Corp. announced that it will present its latest display technologies at FPD International 2011 in Japan during October 26-28. AUO will showcase its achievements in various display technologies based on the theme of innovative applications, including its 65-inch Extreme-PR 3D Gesture display panel, 46-inch Scanning Retarder 3D display panel, 65-inch Transparent display panel, 46-inch Super Narrow Bezel panel, 6-inch Flexible displays, its smartphone display panels with high resolution and low energy consumption and the popular AMOLED line of display technologies and applications. The choices are sure to satisfy customers’ diverse needs in multi-function, high value-added and integrated display technologies. AUO continues to integrate and extend its leading 3D display technology to offer more complete 3D total solutions. AUO is presenting its 65-inch Extreme-PR 3D Gesture Display with its One Glass Solution, which integrates cover glass with a pattern retarder to make panels slimmer. AUO‘s 65-inch Extreme-PR 3D Gesture Display utilizes a proprietary motion-detection technology with dual-camera system to detect a player’s position and motion, so that users can manipulate the 3D TV‘s control interface by means of gestures only. In addition, with light and comfortable polarized 3D glasses, AUO‘s new 46-inch 3D Scanning Retarder 3D TV panel allows audiences to experience Full HD, high-resolution 3D images and enter a lifelike 3D stereoscopic world. In terms of public information displays, AUO has integrated resources and implemented different innovative technologies to create various applications. AUO‘s 65-inch transparent display panel boasts three times higher transparency than conventional designs. AUO’s 65-inch transparent display panels offer vivid and clear images and can be applied to buildings, car windows, function displays of consumers home appliances, shop windows, or vending machines. In addition, AUO is presenting its 138-inch LED Display Wall assembled using AUO‘s 46-inch Super Narrow Bezel LED display panels with the distance between each bezel of the 46-inch panels only being 5mm. AUO’s 46-inch Super Narrow Bezel LED panel is a leading specification against all similar mass produced products, and utilizes LED backlight to make panels lighter, slimmer and more power efficient, thus offering full HD high-definition images suitable for shopping malls or public information walls.


Regarding touch panel technologies, AUO will also exhibit its 27-inch FHD One-Glass-Solution Touch panel and 10.1-inch AHVA (Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle) One Glass Solution Tablet. AUO utilizes its One-Glass-Solution to make products slimmer and transparency higher through integrating touch sensors and cover glass. AUO’s 27-inch FHD One-Glass-Solution Touch panel is the world’s largest OGS touch panel. It offers Full HD, high-resolution images and supports ten touch points, thus allowing users to move their fingers freely about the surface of the panels. In order to enhance the personal portable flat panel as a high-definition multimedia entertainment center, AUO‘s 10.1-inch AHVA One Glass Solution Tablet has been fitted with AHVA technology. Through the total solution, the weight of the product has dropped 33%, making it easy to carry, while still offering WUXGA (1920 x 1200) high-resolution images. AUO is not only showcasing innovative applications trends, but is also presenting various new display technologies. For example, AUO will present its 32-inch Full HD AMOLED TV for the first time; the TV set with Metal Oxide TFT as backplane driver and is only 3mm thick, has quick response time, high contrast ratio, and offers full HD high- resolution images. For flexible display technologies, AUO‘s 6-inch Rollable Organic TFT E-paper is made pliable with high efficiency parts and plastic materials (PEN). Users can place the E-paper in their briefcases or purses without worry of damage. In addition, with its optimized charging circuit design, AUO‘s 6-inch Unplugged Flexible E-paper offers considerable power-savings, and its eco-friendly design allows it to be charged through solar power or indoor lighting with no plug in necessary. AUO also presents 4-inch Flexible AMOLED with Low Temperature Processed Metal Oxide TFT as backplane driver. It is only 0.3mm thick, and is trendy, ultra slim, and resistant. The panel can be applied to diverse personal portable display products in the future. The exhibition area is divided into seven sections in which various innovative technologies and product applications will be demonstrated:

  • 3D Display Technologies and Applications
  • Public Information Display Technologies
  • Integrated Touch Display Technologies
  • Innovative Display Technologies
  • Flexible Display Technologies
  • Smartphone Display Technologies


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