3D is not enough for the Koreans to experience with AVATAR! Now they want to watch it in 4D! Can you believe it? It’s true. One of the main success point of AVATAR was its 3D technology. We all are impressed by the 3D glory of AVATAR. But what about 4D? I can’t imagine this.


The 4D technology was hiding in a South Korean movie theater all this time, and you can go try it out for the eminently affordable $15.80 a pop. The nation’s leading multiplex chain, CJ-CGV, runs a handful of so-called “4D plexes”. The way the company finally cornered that elusive fourth dimension is by engaging all five senses: moving seats, wind, water sprinkling, lasers, and synthetic smells are all used in time with the movie.

According to Variety:
The 4D screening uses more than 30 different real-life special effects during the 3D film’s 162 minute run, including moving seats, smells of explosives, sprinkling water, laser lights and wind. Despite the much higher $15.80 ticket price (an average ticket costs $6.90), screenings are regularly sold out.

“We (started to) prepared the ‘Avatar’ 4D ride last summer,” says Tom Oh, prexy of 20th Century Fox Korea.

But 4D isn’t new to Koreans. The nation’s leading multiplex chain, CJ-CGV, began 4D shows last year in one 88-seat theater, with”Journey to the Center of the Earth.”

But with the success of “Avatar,” CJ-CGV opened three more “4D plexes.”

Ten films have been shown with 4D effects designed by CJ-CGV’s 4D programmer over the last year.

“There is no 4D theater like ours around the world. CGV’s 4D plex is the first in the world that fully offers five-sense experiences with a movie title,” says Kim Daehee, publicity manager of CJ-CGV.

Sources: Engadget, Variety, CrunchGear

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