The Web Is Changing! BBC Switches To HTML5 For Its Video Files

British news giant recently operated some changes, even if it is known that most of the time it does not embrace change openly. After reading a study which concluded that 80 percent of all web video is now compatible HTML 5, BBC had do make the transition and adopt HTML 5 for its videos on desktop and mobile applications.

Benefiting from this change, will be users of iOS and Android alike. Yes, apparently on this one, Android users weren’t left out in the cold. The launching of the HTML 5 video across the whole BBC site came after the news site experimented a HTML 5 video delivery only for the Health section of the site.

BBC was accused of not being too open to new things, since it looked apprehensive to adopt HTML 5 as a video delivery mechanism. The reason? Well BBC stated that it was apparently concerned about protecting videos from being re-distributed without Flash’s DRM controls. For desktop and notebook systems, Flash system is often BBC’s option.

BBC has been broadcasting its video through iPlayer apps for iPhone and iPad, first off only in UK, but now the service spread in a number of other countries, for a monthly fee. A US version is likely to appear soon.

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