Bloom Energy Working On Apple’s 5MW Fuel Cell Farm Project

Apple’s project of installing a 5MW fuel cell farm is the largest nonutility fuel call installation in the whole of U.S. Now, it has been revealed that Bloom Energy is working on this project and will be furnishing it’s ‘Bloom Boxes’ for the farm. Each of these Bloom Boxes is capable of supplying 100 kilowatts of power and so about 50 of them will be installed at the fuel cell farm.

Bloom Energy is the company that was behind the famous ‘Bloom Box’ energy saver. Keeping in line with it’s energy-saving projects, it makes sense that Bloom Energy is now working on the project of Apple’s fuel cell farm. Besides, Bloom Energy is one of the very few such companies who could’ve undertaken the huge project of fuel cell installation at this scale. The power for the new fuel cell farm is said to be produced from biogas, making it a very eco-friendly installation.

With such a large farm, Apple will be able to procure 40 million kWh of energy 24 x 7. The power produced from this installation will be added to the power produced from Apple’s 20-megawatt solar farm, which is currently being built. Together these will be the largest facility of it’s kind, having already earned a LEEF Platinum certification from U.S. Green Building Council.

Reports say that the collaboration between Apple and Bloom Energy does not stop at this. Bloom Energy is also partnering with Apple to install a few fuel cells on Apple’s main campus in Cupertino.
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