Canon IXUS 300 HS is available with some special feature.

There is a great news for Canon’s IXUS user.A new model 300 HS is in market with some extra-ordinary feature that totally different from other’s the first in the range with manual controls and new HS system which handles low-light.

It’s a 10MP model with f/2.0 28mm 3.8x Canon lens, and can shoot HD video in 720p resolution. The new HS system not only handles low-light conditions better, but also does greater high-speed shooting.

ISO range goes up to 3200 at full resolution, but in low-light mode you can whip it up a notch to 6400 (if you’re willing to downgrade resolution to 2.5MP, that is). Optical zoom is just 3.8x which is really the only area I can see being improved upon, as the £379 ($560 with a direct conversion; we’re still waiting on US pricing) price-point makes it quite a bit more than Panasonic’s TZ7, which has a 12x optical zoom.

Hardware-wise, it’s made from stainless steel and has a 3-inch LCD screen.It is out this month.

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