Carrier IQ Does Not ‘Spy’, Says Vice President

Carrier IQ has stirred quite a storm in the mobile industry. According to the allegations levelled against the logging software, analysts stated that Carrier IQ can effectively log the keystrokes on a mobile phone. Carrier IQ has categorically denied any and all such charges.

A researched revealed that Carrier IQ may be used by telecom carriers to save the keylogging details of mobile phone users. The revelation really hit home not because it was proved but because a number of media outlets and so-called analysts took up the news and spread it like wild-fire.

No keylogging details stored:
Dan Rosenberg is a security consultant who is highly qualified and has extensive experience in this field. Dan has extracted a copy of the Carrier IQ software from his Android phone and has studied the piece of code in detail. Through his reverse-engineering of the software, Dan reveals that there is absolutely nothing in the code that suggests that Carrier IQ may be saving logs of keystrokes and transmitting them over wi-fi. S0me other figures in the security industry are also coming forward now, stating that the software has no ability to save keystroke details and to transmit them to Carrier IQ headquarters.

Carriers should be held responsible:
However, Carrier IQ does save some information, such as the URL visited by a user. But whether or not this information should be gathered by the software is entirely dependent on the carrier. For instance, AT &T decides what functionality Carrier IQ will have on it’s devices. Same goes for other carriers. So at the end of the day, whatever Carrier IQ does is not the software company’s headache but rather, it’s the sole responsibility of the carrier companies.
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