Cisco Unveils Smart Wi-Fi Routers To Control Your Home Appliances

Cisco has revealed a product suite which comprises of three smart wi-fi routers. Why are they called smart and how are they any different from other wi-fi routers? Well, for a start, they are app-enabled. This means that you can control these routers from a smartphone and with the help of the app on the smartphone, you can make these routers do a number of things, such as control home appliances.

This is indeed a huge step forward when it comes to home automation. A user who has the relevant app on his device can control the entire home network through these smart routers. Moreover, these routers are compatible with Cisco Connect Express app. This means that a user can also manage the network settings from a remote device, say a tablet, because of these routers.

So far, Cisco hasn’t told of any relevant apps. But it did say that it is currently working with a number of companies, including Whirlpool, to be able to come up with such apps which will cover specific areas to be controlled through these routers – areas such as ‘home control, entertainment and protection.’

The company also has plans of releasing Cisco Connect Cloud soon and these routers will be able to connect to it. With the help of Cisco Connect Cloud, users will be able to manage multiple wireless networks. So far, the details are available only of the routers themselves which range in price from $99 to $199. We don’t known when the related apps will be available. However, Cisco Connect Cloud is expected to arrive sometime in June this year.

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