Control Home Appliances Through Siri Integrated With Crestron System

Siri has been truly a revolution in the world of voice-based assistance. And since it’s inception, it has been integrated into a number of other systems. For instance, Siri has been used to lock or unlock cars. In this latest news on Siri, you can now use Crestron Home Automation System with Siri installed on it. This allows to control appliances, light etc in your house through your voice! This is a step ahead from the already-present automation systems in that it lets your voice control, rather than the conventional remote control devices.


Crestron Home Automation System is an in-detail automation system that can be used to control just about anything in your home. This includes controlling the lights, audio, video, the temperature and much more.

You can even control the volume of your TV and navigate through the channels. Imagine doing all this simply by speaking it out. The power of Siri, integrated with this system, gives you that power.

Video Courtesy MrCatNesta, Image Courtesy ahtflorida

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