Control Your Mattress With Your iPad Through Reverie’s Dream Sleep System

Technology has penetrated well into every realm of our lives. Imagine a technology-friendly mattress that you could tweak through an app on your iPad. You may adjust it to your taste or make use of many other features. This is precisely what Reverie’s Dream Sleep System offers.

This special tech-mattress comes with a whole host of additional features. First off, you can control it via an iPad app, which in itself is really cool. Moreover, it comes with a massager installed right under it. So in case you don’t feel any good on it, lets the massager do the work and you are sure to go to a dreamless sleep.

There is also an Anti-Snore setting. Not many details are divulged regarding it but it probably would be some kind of a trigger to wake up a person when he starts snoring on the mattress – the setting, of course, can be set by the user himself. There is also a Zero Gravity feature which enables the user to rest on the mattress in a rather contoured pose.

According to the Marketing Director at Reverie, ‘The products we’re featuring at High Point represent Reverie’s focus on integrating our sleep systems into today’s technology-driven lifestyle. The Dream really is a ‘connected’ luxury sleep experience.’

iPad app make this mattress all the more desirable because many of us want to check our emails or read that interesting e-book before going to sleep. So while you are at it and using the tablet, you can also tweak the settings of your mattress, perhaps have a massage to soothe you and then set the mattress at an angle which is most comfortable to you to go to a cozy sleep.

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