Copycat Apps Removed From App Store By Apple

After reviewing allegations from developers that a number of apps in Apple’s App Store are copycats of popular games, Apple has removed some apps from her App Store. These apps, it’s been said, copied the characters from popular games which have huge fan-followings and that it’s a fraudulent way of minting followers. In view of all the complains, Apple has taken off a number of copycat apps from her App Store. Most of these apps had been placed on the App Store by app developer Anton Sinelnikov.

The problem arose when some of these apps copied the names or characters of popular games such as Tiny Wings, Temple Run and Words with Friends. Most of these apps had been put up by Anton Sinelnikov, and were mostly a rip-off of other apps in the App Store.

But he is not the only developer to have attempted this. A number of other developers make their apps look like some other popular app. The reason for this is to try and fool the user into believing that their app is the original app. The user may end up purchasing the app and paying the developer while he gets only a rip-off of the original app. In this way, rip-offs are grossly misleading.

A number of seasoned app developers who develop original app on App Store called on Apple to remove the copycat apps from the Store. According to them, the copycat apps ‘taints the integrity of the App Store.’ However, it is surprising to note how these copycat apps make it to the App Store because Apple scrutinizes all apps before it approves them to be display on the store, unlike Google who scrutinizes apps after it places them on it’s app store.

Source: The Guardian

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