Corning Unveils Ultra-Flexible And Very Slim Willow Glass

For long, tech designers have envisioned a phone or a tech device that can easily ‘wrap’ around a surface. For this, the display of that device will have to be very flexible and thin. Corning, the company which created Gorilla Glass and made it big when Apple decided to use it in the display of iPhone, has now come up with yet another innovation which may validate the thoughts of flexible devices.

What Corning has unveiled now is being called ‘Willow Glass.’ Willow Glass is a super-flexible and ultra slim piece of technology. It is light and may prove to be very cost-efficient for vendors since it will occupy very little space with its slim profile.

The best part about this glass, naturally, is that it is flexible. It can be flexed a great deal without damaging it one bit. This can open a whole world of possibilities for tech-hardware manufacturers.

Being slim and flexible does not mean that the glass is not durable. Rather, the contrary is true. Imagine that a touch sensor display is being pitched on such a piece of hardware, it can truly become a dream-come-true for many.

According to the division vice president and Willow Glass program director, Dr. Dipak Chowdhury, “Displays become more pervasive each day and manufacturers strive to make both portable devices and larger displays thinner. Corning Willow Glass provides the substrate performance to maintain device quality in a thin and light form factor. Currently manufacturing in a sheet-to-sheet process, we expect Corning Willow Glass to eventually allow customers to switch to high throughput, efficient roll-to-roll processing, a long-awaited industry milestone.”

Source: Market Watch

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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