Devaere Franky’s Radial Bi Rotary Balanced Piston Combustion Engine

Can you guys imagine or make such an engine, that can rotate both the crankshaft and the cylinder block in opposite directions? What’s running in your mind? Reviewing your past studies related to Engine and Physics? Or, are you thinking, I’m gone MAD…? Well, informing the inventions of such creative and complex engine is seemed to be mad, then I am proud to say, “I AM MAD”.

Is it seems very critical to you before I start? OK… Let’s make it easy. Those guys who knows a bit or more about the existence of radial and rotary engines, will easily understand it. But, those who don’t know or have less knowledge about it, have to concentrate in it (if you want to understand).

Review of Engine Mechanism and Other Technical Parts :

There are two types of Engines. One is Radial Engine and another one is Rotary Engine. Every engine has got a piston. A piston radial has a fixed cylinder block and a rotating crankshaft. The crankshaft in the engine rotates. There is a rotary piston inside the cylinder that basically moves the rotor. A pistonless rotary has the same fixed engine block and a rotating rotor. The basic difference between pistonless and with piston rotary is, piston rotary looks like a radial and the cylinder block rotates around a fixed crankshaft. In the rotating engines, cylinder block rotates around the stationary crankshaft. To be noted, all the rotation goes in same direction. But, Belgian engineers ‘Devaere Engineering’ has invented a new type of internal combustion engines which is being called ‘A Bi-radial Rotating’. This engine, rotates and crankshaft, and cylinder block, but in the vis-à-vis(opposite) direction. Devaere Engineering calls it ‘Radial Bi Rotary Balanced Piston Combustion Engine’.

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