Drexel University And UL Collaborate To Establish Research Center

Drexel University in Philadelphia and University of Louisiana, Lafayette have joined hands to create a research center. It is aimed to be a national research center for Visual and Decision Informatics (CVDI). National Science Foundation and a number of other industry partners and governmental figures are furnishing the funds for this venture.

According to the officials of UL, “serve as a research hub in developing visual and decision support tools and techniques to enable decision makes in government and industry to fundamentally improve the way their organizations’ information is interpreted and analyzed.” The stated aim of the center is to develop and promote the next-generation of visual tools. The center will be also be directly involved with industry partners and governmental bodies in the development of better, more advanced analysis techniques.

At the heart of the research which will be carried out at the center will be the aim to develop such tools which can help commercial enterprises with ‘decision making’, which refers to the ability to analyze the relevant data. In the words of UL’s vice president for research, “Together, we are solving problems that will address our national priorities in innovation, entrepreneurship, economic development and workforce development.”

With the immense amounts of data becoming available, there is a dearth of adequately advanced tools to fully analyze the entire lump of this data. Both governmental and commercial bodies are handicapped in their ability because of the absence of these tools. With the establishment of this center, we can hope that in the long-run, such advanced tools are developed which can make an effective analysis of these large amounts of data possible.

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