eBook Sales up Again

I don’t think this comes as a surprise to anybody, but the American Editors Association, an extremely important entity in the field, has confirmed that digital book sales have tripled year after year, whereas classic book sales have been on a downward spiral.

The sales figures confirm this affirmation even if the possibility that printed books become extinct cannot not come into question. After all, there will always be fans of page turning.

Book sales in February had a value of 90.3 million dollars, which is triple than the value reported for  same month of the last year. Meanwhile, printed book sales dropped by 34% for the same time frame.

What kind of books do you prefer? I’m just curious. I am sure that in our country paper books will rule the game for a long time. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, right? Or is it?

Major publications, such a NY Times and Wall Street Journal are already snagging access for their online content, being aware of the evolving interest for digital texts, at least in the North-American continent. Weare not sure what future has for us, but probably, we will see physical books losing more and more, generating job loss in the publishing business.

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