German Man Creates Electromagnetic Spiderman Webshooter

Spider Man is one of the popular superhero-based movies to people. But it seems we may really see a superhero in real life soon. German craftsman and big fan of comic book superheroes Patrick Priebe has created an electromagnetic Spider Man webshooter, which is very similar to that of the Spider-Man of the movie.

Electromagnetic Spiderman Webshooter

The webshooter is powered by electromagnetics. It shoots out a harpoon and string strong enough to pull on. But unlike the real thing, Priebe’s device has to be mounted on the wearer’s wrist to function. Once it is attached perfectly, it becomes a unique device with some neat functionality. However, wearing the device on wrist, one could become a Spider man. Here’s the video.

Priebe expects that if he is given some more time, he’ll be able to develop a web-like material to shoot out of his new invention. Let’s wait and see, what Priebe makes.

Courtesy: Industry Tap

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