Fuller marks(“Idol” creator) iTunes milestone

All of you are already known with “American Idol “creator Simon Fuller.On monday he marked a digital music milestone and said he was looking to the Internet and other digital platforms for the next big thing in global entertainment.

At the time of crisis in the recording industry,Fuller’s roster of singers which includes “Idol” winners Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, British singer Annie Lennox and The Spice Girls, have sold 160 million songs on iTunes, his artist management company 19 Entertainment said.

Billboard’s Fred Bronson called Fuller’s 160 million iTunes tally “historic” in a decade which has seen album sales slump and cheaper, digital sales soar.

The British entrepreneur teamed up “American Idol” with iTunes at the Apple music store’s 2003 launch, spotting its potential to capitalize on the TV singing show’s appeal and the tens of millions of fans who watch it weekly.

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