Get Your Own 3D Printer For Less Than $500, Thanks To Solidoodle

3D printers have been a very popular concept, given the fact that they can be used by virtually everyone to create 3D models of anything one wants to. However, to this day, the chief problem in getting 3D  printers has been their hefty prices, at least for the common users. Now Solidoodle has tried to eliminate that barrier by bringing the price of a 3D printer down to less than $500.

Solidoodle has been launched by Samuel Cervantes, who has been a former COO at MakerBot. Many of us have fantasized about having a 3D printer with which we can print the most amazing of 3D patterns and models just when we want to. However, that hasn’t been materialized so far, since most 3D printers out in the market really do test the patient of one’s pocket.

However, Solidoodle intends to eliminate this limitation and make 3D printers accessible to the common users. According to the company, its 3D printer can print plastic pieces with dimensions up to 6″ x 6″ x 6″. All the printer needs to start working is power supply and a computer to go with it. So if you have been dreaming of laying your hands on a 3D ┬áprinter, now would be your moment.

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