Google Reveals Cool Voice-Control Feature For Google TV

Briefly after Google announced Play Store movies, TV shows, and music would launch on the Google TV this month, they also posted a sneak-peek video of an update for the Google TV platform. Apparently the posting was an accident because they made the video private shortly later. Tech examiners discovered that Google TV would be updated with a sweet voice-control feature while the video was up for viewing.

Google TV

Google TV launched back during 2010 with the efforts of Intel Inc, Sony, and Logitech. Along with Play Store additions rolling out over the coming weeks, Google will soon reveal another updat bringing Voice-Control to Google TV.

Search: The presentation confirms Google TV will allow users to use voice commands far more effectively than what’s currently available.  For example, if you shout ‘Walking Dead’ than Google TV will search live TV, Netflix, and Youtube for media related to the term — you can spare similar results if you search by genre, TV network, etc. Moreover, you can launch applications by voice commands too.

Another key update that may come to great use the ability to plan what you want to watch later whilst watching a current program. Once the current program finishes it will load up the next show at the bottom of the screen.

These updates are Google’s attempt at improving their TV platform. When it launched in 2010 its success has been kept minimal due to its expensive hardware and poor interface.

Source: BGR

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