Hagent Keeps Human And Home Warm At Night

Are you tensed about making your home and yourself warm at night in winter? Time to throw away the tension. A small black box on wheels named ‘Hagent’ can keep both you and your home warm. As Hagent contains phase-change material and heat sensor, so it provides the hot air continuously, slowly but steadily. In fact, sometime small things have great power. And guess, what? Hagent is a Robot.

It’s not attractive from outside, but it it is the perfect one to be your new best friend in cold or winter season. It stores up heat and re-emits it to keep you and your home warm.

About Hagent :

Hagent is created by Andreas Meinhardt and Daniel Abendroth from Germany. Hagent has some wheels, some sensors and a big pile of phase-change material. It has cubizoid exterior too. The phase-change material (PCM) stores or releases energy when it changes from solid to liquid or gas. It will do the same performance on any other combination of phases vice versa. Hagent takes that heat storage concept and mobilizes it. The purpose is to use energy more efficiently and keep you cosh while the environment is cold. As the robot has great thermosensor, it can sense heat from any hot thing or sources like an oven or a fire from the house. It gathers heat continuously, piles it and hangs out. The PCM re-solidifies it. While it follows you like a little space heater, the PCM emits all of its stored up heat. Ultrasonic sensors and control unit helps it to navigate around home or office. At present, as it is in prototype phase, so it runs on batteries but Andreas and Daniel both are trying to put some technology that will help the robot to run and perform without batteries.

Check out the video of this prototype below.

Source : Hagent, PopSci

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