Half Of Households In American Own At Least One Apple Product

Apple’s influence has been expanding globally ever since it launched the iPhone and iPad line of devices. However, its influence has been really strong at US even before that and now, the smartphones and the tablets from the company have only made it stronger. According to CNBC’s All-American Economic Survey, it has been revealed that nearly 51 percent of households in US own at least one Apple product.

Things don’t stop there. Most of the families that do own at least one Apple product go on to have more of them. If the total Apple products in US were divided by overall population, we would get 1.6 Apple products per household. But limiting this to the household that actually have Apple products reveals that of the 51 percent household, each has about 3 Apple products on average. This pretty much explains the 165 million Apple products currently in use at American homes.

The survey also endeavors to reveal the age groups in which Apple products are more popular. For instance, in the age groups 18-34 and 35-49, some 63 percent people own an Apple product. The percentage drops down to 26 percent among people 65 years and old. Financial stability also seems to play a significant role here.

For instance, of those earning less than $30,000 a year, only 28 percent own an Apple product while the percentage goes up to 77 percent among the ones who earn above $75,000 a year. The primary group that is hooked up to Apple products seem to be kids with some 61 percent households with children having at least on Apple product.

A few years back, it wouldn’t have been a surprise at all and one could have disregarded the huge numbers by considering that most US households own at least and iPod. But with the wild popularity of iPhone and iPad devices, this can no longer be said and Apple actually has a wide and successful penetration in the US market.

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