HP webOS Compatible With Multiple Devices

HP promises webOS netbooks to go along with multiple sevices ; such as phones , slates and netbooks.Hewlett-Packard plans to unveil its first PCs in slate form-factor with webOS operating system in early February, 2011……

HP in a webOS learning guide confirmed that Palm’s mobile platform will come to netbooks.HP promised webOS on a phone and a slate and a netbook.A review quiz reinforced the point by asking a question where the only correct answer to a ” you’ll see webOS on multiple devices like” question included netbooks as part of the answer.Hewlett-Packard oneĀ  of the world’s largest makers of personal computers,plans to unveil its first PCs in slate form-factor with webOS operating system in early February, 2011.When originally announcing the completion of the Palm take over HP said that it planned to release smartphones, slate PCs and netbooks featuring webOS. Later on the company downplayed the importance of smartphones and indicated interest in putting webOS onto a variety of connected devices, including printers. At present it is known that the first webOS-based tablet is code-named Hurricane.

The vice president of HP stressed that the company does not believe in cannibalization of the personal computer market by systems in tablet form-factor. Instead, he implied that as consumers are adoption “always connected” usage model, they need new types of devices for the new era of computing. But those devices will not replace traditional desktop and notebook PCs that are used for creation of content and various productivity applications, but will rather complement them to make consumption of various content easier.HP briefly tried to get into the category of mobile-based notebooks with its Airlife 100 running Android. The system was mostly a conversion of a Mini netbook but could run for 12 hours on a charge and with built-in 3G.

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