iGrow Hair Rejuvenation Device

Apira Science introduces the first hands-free laser hair rejuvenation system for home use, the iGrow.iGrow promises to regrow hair with lasers and accessorize any wardrobe.The new hair care system uses clinically proven low level light therapy to rejuvenate and revitalize thinning hair.Now you can you attain optimal hair health almost effortlessly right at home by iGrow…….

First impressions are everything and hair is one of the first features that people notice on others. Looking your best can help you make a strong impact and a full head of thick, lustrous hair can go a long way in helping to achieve that. From Apira Science, one of the most respected clinical based laser hair restoration companies and maker of the highly successful Revage670, comes the only hands-free, home-use hair rejuvenation device that is as powerful as clinical solutions.iGrow leverages a patent-pending combination of built-in laser and LED lights to enable both men and women concerned with hair loss or thinning hair to experience dramatic results. Within 12 weeks of using iGrow as directed, most consumers report that they experience the cessation of excess hair loss. The appearance of thicker, fuller, healthier hair is typical within 24 weeks.

iGrow addresses the limitations and inconsistencies of these products by incorporating the same scientifically proven, Harvard Medical School-documented low level laser therapy technology that is found in the Revage670. The Revage670 has been used by more than 500 doctors in over 25 countries worldwide to effectively rejuvenate shedding and thinning hair. With the new iGrow, consumers have access to the very same technology relied upon in so many doctor’s offices and clinical settings now in the comfort of their own homes and at a fraction of the cost. Simple and convenient to use, the iGrow comfortably sits atop the user’s head, providing continuous overall coverage and leaving them completely mobile and free to do other things while receiving treatment. The iGrow even allows for users to listen to music while their hair rejuvenates it features iPod/MP3 compatibility.

The iGrow features 51 light sources that include 21 laser diodes and 30 LED lights to provide full scalp coverage, while combs and other hand held devices only have 9-15 laser lights. The output from iGrow is equivalent to most in-office clinical hair lasers. Hundreds of clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of low level laser therapy (LLLT) on various conditions including hair loss, carpal tunnel syndrome and acne. Results from using iGrow are rapid and substantial. According to Lorrie Klein, MD, “The average patient using iGrow will first begin to see decreased hair loss in about six to eight weeks. Then, within a few short months, their hair should begin looking thicker, fuller and healthier. At about the nine month mark, they’ll see the maximum result and then, with continued use of the iGrow, should be able to maintain those results.” Priced at $695, the iGrow is available now nd comes with a six month money back guarantee.

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