iLuv iMM747 Stereo Speaker Dock

iLuv release iMM747 Stereo speaker dock for iPad,iPhone and iPod.This dock can charge and play your iPad, iPhone, and iPod.iMM747 have Mini USB connectivity,3.5mm jack,power adapter jack and it’s weight is 2lbs (0.93kg)….

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iLuv, the leader in providing the most appealing, innovative, and relevant products for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macbook, is pleased to announced the iLuv iMM747, the first fully-dedicated docking system for your iPad. This speaker dock features iLuv’s enhanced patented jAura soundcell speakers, with a tweeter, main audio driver, and a powerful built-in radiator subwoofer for more impressive bass.

With a specific focus on the high, medium and low frequencies, Apple enthusiasts will enjoy clear orchestral, tri-component sound from music, apps, movies, and games on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The iMM747 will be available in early October for $149.99 at

A great desktop or bedside speaker dock, the iMM747 features flexible dock connectors for solid support and easy docking through the 30 pin connector that automatically adjusts and supports your iPad, iPhone or iPod while in the dock. This is especially important, considering the relative size difference between the large iPad and the much smaller iPhone or iPod.

This flexibility ensures not only a secure fit for whichever player is docked, but virtually eliminates the chances of breaking the connector or damaging the docked player. It also features an auxiliary line input for non-apple music players and a sync cable to connect to iTunes while your iPad, iPhone, or iPod is docked.

Feature :

  • Desktop or bedside speaker dock for your iPad / iPhone / iPod
  • Watch YouTube videos, movies, run apps, and play games while docked
  • Plays and charges your iPad / iPhone / iPod
  • Built with dynamic acoustic speaker chambers to enhance sound clarity
  • Powerful amplifiers provide better efficiency and performance
  • Auxiliary line input for any audio devices with 3.5mm jack
  • Flexible dock connector for better support, easier docking, and more secure fit
  • Sync while docked with your computer


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  1. danielle

    will my ipad 2 work as it just states ipad ?

  2. Aileencarroll2002

    any where i can buy the lead to connect it to the laptop anywhere

  3. Karen Seager

    Few days old and now it won’t connect at all sound only from is from ipad…help?

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