Adobe Adds Protected Sandbox Mode On Flash Player For Firefox

Adobe’s Flash Player had a rough time lately, with hackers and developers who keep discovering vulnerabilities in the program and the company keep patching holes in the security system. On the other hand, analysts are already having a hard time keeping up with the issue.

Now, apparently all this is about to change, as Adobe promised to add sandbox os Protected Mode to the Firefox version for Vista and Windows 7. Peleus Uhley made the announcement a couple of days ago, on the Adobe official blog. The Adobe representative informs the users that the new Flash Player sandbox is similar, when it comes to design, to Adobe Reader X Protected Mode and has the same approach the company adopted with the Practical Windows Sandboxing.

Peleus Uhley promises to the users that Flash Player with the new Protected Mode features “will establish a low integrity, highly restricted process that must communicate through a broker to limit its privileged activities,” tells Peleus to the Adobe fans.

For now, the sandbox mode is only in beta stage and designed to raise interest and provide feedback from “adventurous developers” who are willing to try it first hand. The end users don’t have access to this beta version yet, and the final version is expected to be released sometimes by the end of this year. Previously, Adobe released a sandboxed version of Flash Player for Chrome. For those that love to have a mobile-friendly Adobe, you can get it for your iPhone.



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