Adobe EchoSign Is Now Available on iOS

In the digital age, more and more companies and people abandon the old ways and take up the usage of electronic signature on legal documents, since they are so much easier to send them via email, especially if you have to send it overseas. Business of today would be lost without their computers, scanners, fax machines. And Adobe sensed an opportunity in here.

The company just launched an app that could be the solution for many professionals and lay people alike. The app is called EcoSign and is now available for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To use it, users will need an EchoSign account. Once logged in, they can sign documents right there on their iDevice.

With the help of the app it is now possible to send your signed documents or receive the signed papers in matter of mere minutes. Forget the hassle of having to look in the entire building for the persons you need to sign. Or even worst, if they don’t reside in the same city or country as you. Other possibilities when using the app include: sending documents from an EchoSign library, photo album, email attachment or from other applications, track the status of agreements with real-time status updates, view your signed docs stored in an EchoSign account.

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