ALU’s ‘New Conversation Experience’

‘It is a nice afternoon and you are ready to leave office. While walking down the hallway you shared a Twitter status ‘@steve Call me when you are free’. A few minutes later while you are driving a short way back home, you received a voice call from your brother Steve. You attended the call to discuss over the family get-together this weekend. When you finished parking the car on the porch of your house you enabled the video option on your phone, and both of you are now on video call. Suddenly your mother called and you added her into a group conversation. But your phone screen is too small to accommodate them both. So you turned on your TV and moved the call from your phone to the TV set, and continue talking to your family.’

What you just read is an example of an ambient network where a user can switch a live call or connection between devices or networks totally unaffected. How implausible this may seem at this moment, a new solution based Alcatel-Lucent’s (ALU’s) IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and 4G Consumer Communications solution has made this plausible. The solution enables ALU’s 4G network to offer subscribers a unique experience where one can spontaneously switch between voice, video, messaging and group calling and effortlessly move live calls to their preferred devices such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV just with a tap of the finger.

In a world where mediums of communications are fragmented into different networks and types, and conversational quality is often neglected to bandwidth savings ALU’s ‘New Coversation Experience’ will definitely captivate the subscribers. But, to be successful as a service it must also offer the customers the easy to manageability of the service, e.g. an all-inclusive broadband package-regardless of devices (as identified by Ericsson) while being savvy on their pockets.

To watch a more detailed video on the ‘New Conversation Experience’ you can visit this link.

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