Apple Received Final Approval To Build Spaceship Campus

Apple‘s spaceship alike campus, consisting of 2.8 million square feet area, is one of the most magnificent corporate offices in the world. Although Apple had received a primary consent to build this spaceship Campus 2, it had been waiting for the final approval. And now, the company has received a final approval for building Apple Campus 2.

Apple Spaceship campus

The Apple spaceship campus 2 presentation has already given an entire concept of the building. Apart from the presentation, Apple has released new renderings of its spaceship campus with more details. The spaceship campus 2 will be built in Cupertino and totally runs on solar power. The interior of the main building is equipped with light-colored stone. There will be a three-level cafeteria which will be built with massive steel columns and floor-to-ceiling windows. There will be sports tables and benches also.

The outdoor dining area will be outfitted with cedar or redwood furniture. The Corporate Transit Center, where employees who commute on Apple’s private bus fleet will arrive and depart, will be set on the first subterranean floor of the main building. There will be rows of benches for workers awaiting the next bus. The exterior will feature large, stark white staircases leading up to the ground floor. In addition, the entrance to the underground road network will have all the facilities like a ‘spaceship.’

When the campus will be ready, 80% of the site will have green space. What is more important is, the campus will have natural ventilation and 75% time of the year, the Apple campus 2 won’t be needed any air conditioning or heating. The campus will be powered 100% renewable energy. In fact, it’ll be one of the largest solar-powered corporate campuses in the world. There will be several outbuildings including a visitor center and an underground auditorium. The corporate fitness center will be equipped with glass walls and stone.

Although, such a spectacular office had received primary permission for building, Apple had been waiting for final approval. Now the waiting is over as the company has got final approval. Cupertino Mayor Orrin Mahoney has said, “Go for it. We’re eager to see it happen. Go for it.”

However, the City of Cupertino Resolution No. 13-084 has approved the following permits for Apple Campus 2:

  • Development Permit to allow the demolition of approximately 2.66 million square feet of existing office, research and development buildings and the construction of 3.42 million square feet of office, research, and development buildings; 120,000 square feet (1,000 seat) corporate auditorium, 100,000 square feet corporate fitness center, and 25,000 square feet Valet Parking Reception uses; 92,000 square feet of utility plants; and associated parking facilities and ancillary buildings (such as security reception areas and landscape maintenance buildings) (DP-2011-04)
  • Use Permit to allow a corporate auditorium and fitness center at a new office, research and development campus (U-2011-11)
  • Architectural and Site Approval to allow a new 2.82 million square foot office, research and development building with 2,385 basement parking spaces and a cafeteria, a 5,870 parking space structured parking facility with attached Central Plant, a 1,000 seat corporate auditorium, a fitness center, and associated site improvements including access tunnels, a surface parking lot, outdoor dining and recreational facilities and landscaping; (ASA-2011-14)
  • Tree Removal Permit to allow the removal of approximately 3,710 trees, of which, approximately 90 trees are proposed to be transplanted, and replacement with at least 6,200 trees to allow the construction of an office, research and development campus (TR-2011-39)

Apple expects to complete the first phase of Apple Spaceship Campus 2 construction by 2016. It is to be noted that Apple spaceship campus was one of the biggest dreams of late Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. But it is unfortunate that Steve Jobs couldn’t see this his dream come true.

Source: iClarified

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