Amazon Opens First Physical Bookstore In Seattle

After selling books online for more than 20 years, Amazon has decided to sell books in old fashion way. On Tuesday, the company has opened it’s very first physical bookstore in Seattle.


Amazon is the biggest online bookseller who has accused so many times for destroying the whole publishing industry. But proving the idea wrong, Amazon has set up their traditional bookstore named ‘Amazon Books‘. The very first bookstore with real shelves is located in University Village, Seattle.


The Amazon Books is giant in size and well furnished with wood shelves which are already stocked with 5,000 to 6,000 books featuring best-sellers and the favorite books of online customers. The company has mentioned that even if it’s a physical bookstore, but it will not serving the customer totally in traditional ways.


In spite of the offline ways, Amazon books will rely on the data to decide which books it need to stock. For example, it will count the customer ratings, Goodread’s popularity and more to list out the potential demand. The in-store prices will be as same as online prices.

Besides the selling books, Amazon is going to display its devices in this physical store. You will be able to try Kindles, the Fire TV, the Echo and Fire Tablets while visiting Amazon Books.

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