Amazon Is Testing Out A New Wireless Technology, Reports Suggest

Ever since the launch of its first Kindle tablet, we have seen Amazon transform rapidly from the largest online e-retailer to a company that also wants to gain a solid foothold in the world of technology. To that end, we have been told, Amazon is testing out a new wireless technology in Cupertino.

Amazon Kindle tablet

Amazon has not only created a content ecosystem of its own for mobile devices in no time, the company has successfully bagged the role of a major player in the tablet market and is continuing its march in the arena of mobile devices. However, to be truly the king of content, Amazon still needs to beat Google.

According to reports, the e-retail giant recently tested out a new wireless technology which utilized a spectrum controlled by Globalstar Inc (GSAT). GSAT is a notable satellite company and the aforementioned information reveals that Amazon is trying to find a way of allowing users to connect their Amazon devices at high speeds.

By offering a wireless technology of its own, Amazon may be able to provide its users with better devices and a better online experience. The company, when contacted and asked about its collaboration with GSAT, refused to provide any statement.

However, the share value of GSAT in the stock market was bumped as soon as these news hit the papers. Amazon may refuse to admit it but it is certainly gearing up to compete Google and possibly launch an internet connectivity service of its own. We’re certainly looking forward to another player in this arena.

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