Apple Acquires AirDrop From Urban Airship

Apple has successfully transferred the Airdrop trademark from Urban Airship, Inc., a company behind the AirDrop service that provides marketing services to Android developers, which is a new Lion feature that lets the user easily share files with other nearby users. The trademark was transferred to Apple on May 11 and effective on June 9 and once you uploaded your application to AirDrop, you could create custom redeem codes and links to share and distribute…………


Apple hаѕ асqυіrеԁ thе trademark fοr AirDrop frοm Urban Airship and hаѕ reprinted thе request whісh shows thе Legal Transfer between Urban Airship & Apple. Apple has discovered that they has filed applications for their AirDrop trademark in China and iCloud related service Photo Stream in Canada. The US Patent Trademark Office issued Urban Airship a Certificate of Registration for Airdrop on May 11, 2011 or about a month prior to Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference.


USPTO Documentation: the Legal Transfer between Urban Airship & Apple:


3 - Legal Transfer - Apple Acquires AirDrop from Urban Airship - June 2011

The document states: “By submission of this request, the undersigned REVOKES the power of attorney currently of record, as listed above [David Jaffer representing Urban Airship], and hereby APPOINTS the following new attorney [Lisa Widup representing Apple]…” The document is dated June 9, 2011. This is legalese for the trademark has been officially transferred to Apple. Understandably, there was no financial transaction disclosure made available with this transfer. .


Apple Files for AirDrop Trademark in China:


4 - Apple Files for AirDrop TM in China - June 2011, Patently Apple

Interestingly, while Apple filed for AirDrop in China today, the documentation states that Apple’s priority filing was made in Jamaica on January 24, 2011 under application numbers 57316 and 317.


Apple‘s AirDrop will debut with OS X Lion this fall. It’ll provide users with an easy way to wirelessly share files with people nearby with no Wi-Fi network required and no complicated setup or settings to establish. Apple has filed AirDrop under International Classes 9, 38 and 42 which covers such things as personal and handheld computers, mobile phones, telecommunication services and Apple as an Application Service Provider (ASP).


Apple Files for Photo Stream in Canada:


In other Apple IP news, Apple has filed for Photo Stream in Canada under application 1530567 covering all manner of computers and telecommunication services. The application didn’t list any priority filing information which may indicate that the Canadian filing will act as such going forward. Time will tell.


5 - Apple's Canadian Trademark Application In-Part for Photo Stream, June 2011, Patently Apple

Apple‘s Photo Stream will be associated with their forthcoming iCloud services. Photo Stream is just one of the services included which will allow you to instantly share new photos with all or your devices instantly without requiring the user to sync photos to individual devices one at a time.



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