Apple Cutting Samsung’s Share Of Next iPhone Chip Production

Since the very beginning, Apple has been using Samsung’s chips in its iPad and iPhone devices. However, later it was reported that Apple may give up on Samsung-made chips in 2014. And now it seems like that’s going to happen as we have come to know that Apple is cutting Samsung’s share of next iPhone chip production.

Samsung Chip For iPhone

Although Apple and Samsung are currently touted as two bitter rivals in the mobile arena, they still continue to rely on each other for different components, which is kind of inevitable too. However, later it was no secret that Samsung used to make (still it makes) some chips for iPhone and iPad at its own factory in Texas.

But lately, Korean daily Hankyung has reported that from now on, the majority of Apple’s chip manufacturing will be handled by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC). The report says, TSMC will be responsible for 60 to 70 percent of the manufacturing of the A8 processor, with the remainder going to Samsung.

On the other side, Apple is really interested in lessening its dependence upon its rival amid ongoing legal battles and the race for smartphone supremacy. In the mean time, Apple has signed a deal with TSMC. The company (TSMC) will start chip production in 2014.

Source: Hankyung

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  1. Tsais

    “…they still continue to rely on each other for different components, …”

    Please stop writing such nonsense! Apple does rely on Samsung for a number of components, but Samsung does not rely on Apple for any components at all, as Apple produces nothing, they just design stuff with components from other companies so far.

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