Apple Expands Services In Latin America

Apple has long focused on Brazil as a potential market that can bring in huge revenue. With a huge growth of 118 percent over one year in the total Apple sales in Brazil, we shouldn’t be surprised that Apple has now brought iTunes Store to Brazil and other Latin countries. Brazil already had access to Apple’s App Store.

Apparently, Apple is all set to make itself a favorite among the Brazilian consumer market in specific and the Latin American countries in general. The latest announcement doesn’t only speak of the release of iTunes Store to Brazil and other nations, it also specifically states that Brazilian users will have access to more than 20 million songs. And these will includes music from notable local artists too. Not only this, the Brazilian users can now access thousands of movies which they can rent or purchase through iTunes Store. This collection include movies from the major distribution companies around the globe. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Apple is focusing mainly on Brazil since the profits earned over the last year speak well of the fondness for Apple among Brazilian users. Apple’s profits from this Latin American nation have spiked over the last year and this has persuaded Apple to immediately focus on this potentially lucrative market.

While Brazilian users have secured the best deals, other Latin American countries are also in Apple’s consideration. Apple has expanded the realm of iTunes to countries such as Bolivia, Argentina and Colombia where users can now access music and movies through iTunes Store.

Image courtesy marcopako.

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