Apple Reportedly Hires Nike Design Director Ben Shaffer For iWatch

We already know that Apple is working on iWatch, a wearable gadget and the company has already filed an application for the said device. However, according to a new report, Apple has hired Ben Shaffer, one of Nike’s top design directors to work on iWatch.

Nike Design Director Ben Shaffer

Nike design director Ben Shaffer was the Studio Director of the Innovation Kitchen. This Innovation Kitchens is Nike’s research and development lab where new product designs are created. However, Nike’s Innovation Kitchen has been connected to wearable products like the popular wearable device Nike Fuel Band, and most recently, the Flyknit shoe. The Nike Fuel Band is a popular product amongst Apple executives, including Apple CEO Tim Cook and former Hardware lead Bob Mansfield.

According to a source at Nike with knowledge of the details behind Shaffer’s departure, Apple believes that Shaffer’s experience with products would definitely help the company to build a unique design for its iWatch. This isn’t the first time that Apple has hired a design expert. Earlier this year, Apple hired fitness expert and one-time Fuel Band consultant Jay Blahnik to help work on its mobile accessories.

However, ties between Apple and Nike have traditionally been strong, especially since Apple CEO Tim Cook sits on Nike’s board of directors. But neither Apple nor Shaffer has confirmed anything about Shaffer’s appointment. So we’ll have to wait a bit more to know how it ends.

Source: 9to5Mac

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