Apple Rolls Out iPad Event Invites, Multiple Product Launches Expected

With a lot of rumors and speculations surrounding it, Apple has finally rolled out the invites for its much-awaited iPad launch event. The invitation divulges the event date as Oct 22 and from the looks of the invite, it seems that Apple has more than one product launches up its sleeve.

Apple iPad launch event invite

Although it is nearly certain that Apple will reveal a new iPad model at the said launch event, chances are that the company may unveil more than one products. The wording of the official invitation from the company is rather ambiguous but the hints contained in it are very telling.

Colors and Covers:
For instance, Apple has chosen to add a dash of colorful petals all over the invitation. This is a continuation of Apple’s knack for colors, made manifest in the iOS 7 logo, the color options of iPhone 5C and other Apple products and services in recent months. Not only that, the company uses the word ‘cover’ in the invitation, which has prompted many to think that the upcoming iPad models will come with colorful covers.

Multiple product launches?
The exact text used in the invitation reads, “We still have a lot to cover.” The words ‘still’ and ‘a lot’ are also very meaningful. The ‘a lot’ is essentially an allusion to the possibility that not only will Apple reveal the new model of the regular iPad but also a Retina iPad mini as well as possibly a new Apple TV.

Possibly a smartwatch:
Moreover, Apple has decided to hold the launch event at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater. This is a rather unusual and somewhat informal venue, going by Apple’s standards and its past launch events. This could mean that the company is ready to come up with something really creative. It may be a service, rather than a product, but many have cited that a smartwatch from Apple is also a likely possibility.

However, much of this remains speculation at this point. We can be sure of how accurate these theories and analysis are on Oct 22 when Apple finally lifts the wraps off its new offerings.

Courtesy: Mashable

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