Apple Job Listing Indicates An Addition In Its 3D Research Group

News regarding Apple and the many different developments happening at the company nearly never come from Apple itself. They are usually discerned from the hints scattered here and there from which we are able to deduce half-truths. Now, a job listing posted by Apple indicates that the company is looking to ramp up the work in its 3D research group.

Frankly, this means a lot of things none of which are guaranteed to be true. The job listing shows that Apple is seeking an ‘iOS Software Engineer’ who has to be a ‘Computer Vision specialist to strengthen its multi-view stereo research group. As a member of this team you should have a genuine interest in technology and be a skilled developer with knowledge and experience in Computer Vision, Image Analysis and 3D geometry.’

Naturally, this has instigated a round of speculation around the tech world. In clear terms, this means that Apple is probably working on something that has to do with 3D vision. For instance, Apple may be working on making its much-touted iTV as 3D. Or that, Apple may have plans of launching a motion-sensing technology of its own in the future, much like Microsoft’s Kinect.

Another possibility is that Apple may have plans of making 3D somehow relevant to its mobile devices, the iPhone and iPad lineup. 3D implementations for a smartphone are virtually infinite but which of them may Apple deign to care the most about, none can say. Meanwhile, those who qualify the criterion of having a Ph.D in CV, Maths, Physics or Computer Science among other requirements may want to try their luck to be a part of the richest company in the world over here.

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