Apple May Be Working On A Video Game Controller For iOS Devices

Mobile gaming has gained huge traction recently and a lot major gaming industry players are rushing to it to take a piece of the pie. While games like Angry Birds typically show where things started for the mobile platform, now more and more complex and heavy games are being played on mobile devices, given the powerful hardware. We have heard that Apple may be working on a video game controller to go with iOS devices to enable better game-playing.

Touchscreen controls are not very favorable for a number of reasons – first, they are not as accurate as a physical, external controller. And secondly, they obstruct the view of the screen so that while using them, you get to see only 50% of that small display. This essentially means that while these controls may have been sufficient for simpler games such as Angry Birds, they won’t work with more advanced games such as, say, Shadowgun.

An external video game controller may be the way to go. And that’s what Anandtech claims Apple is doing. According to the website, ‘“I know of an internal Apple project to bring a physical controller to market, but whether or not it will ever see the light of day remains to be seen. As smartphones and tablets come close to equalling the performance of current game consoles, I feel like the controller problem must be addressed.’

I think that as more game titles hit the mobile platform, Apple would be more or less forced to bring us such kind of a device to keep iOS gaming interesting enough. And Android will necessarily have to follow suit.

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