Apple May Build Its Own Chips In The Coming Days

Apple has long relied on third-party entities to manufacture the chips that go into its products. These chips are originally designed by Apple itself but actually built by the likes of Samsung. However, a new rumor is swirling around that Apple is gearing up to build its own chips in the coming days.

Apple chips

Apparently, Apple is joining hands with United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC). The nature of the buy-in is not clear since the article citing it is hidden behind a $1000 paywall. Nonetheless, it makes sense for Apple to collaborate with UMC in order to furnish its chips.

In the recent past, we have seen how Apple inked a deal with TSMC and that the deal was an attempt by the company to reduce its reliance on Samsung. In that context, another deal with UMC could only of a nature where Apple would be entering into the chip-manufacturing arena itself.

UMC’s key strengths are the chip fabrication systems it hosts. So Apple is essentially going for first-hand chip fabrication, based on its own designs, while reducing reliance on Samsung or even TSMC. Of course, if these rumors prove true, it would mean that Apple will gradually move towards self-reliance in chip-manufacturing. In other words, it will still be a year or so before Apple finally makes the switch from third-party manufacturers to manufacturing at UMC.

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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