Apple Patents Motion-Controlled Input Device

Apple has just been granted a new patent by USPTO which speaks about an input device that makes use of motion gestures to perform different functions within a computer’s graphical user interface. The images included in the filing show a mouse being controlled through such gestures.

Apple gesture command

In the patent, Apple elaborates on such an input device which is able to make use of one or more sensors to register different kinds of motions to the computer it is being used with. The computer is then able to convert these commands into actual GUI actions.

The sensors that are used by this input device may include the likes of accelerometers and optical sensors. The computer simply receives the data as to movements of the input device, such as the angle of the gesture and the force put into it. Based on this information, the computer constructs a ‘gesture profile’ which lets it calculate the nature of the gesture and the related system command.

Apple further mentions in the patent that the input commands of such a motion-controlled input device can be programmed so that the users can tweak them to their exact needs. For instance, a user can tilt the input device towards the right to perform right click or do so to simply cause the system to sleep.

Whereas Apple hasn’t clearly mentioned when it may developed such an input device or that to what use such a device will be put, the images from the patent filing do hint that the company may have plans of launching a mouse with the motion-controlled functionality incorporated into it.

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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  1. Tsais

    Yet another case of Apple trying to patent things that are already in use?

    It reads like they just got a patent for Microsoft Kinect…
    Its vague enough, it could even include using gestures with a regular mouse.

    What are they smoking over there in Cupertino?

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