Apple Rolls Out iWork For iCloud Beta To All Users

Apple’s iWork for iCloud beta has been around for a while. Initially, the service was offered only to a limited number of users. Ever since, Apple has gradually expanded the user base by offering it to more and more people. Now, the company has announced that it is making the iWork for iCloud beta available to the public.

iWork for iCloud

When Apple first launched the service, the beta was offered only to such users who were also registered with Apple as developers. However, since July, Apple has been sending out invites to other non-developer users to check out the service. Apparently, the company wanted to get ample feedback and work out all the glitches in detail before launching the site.

With iWork for iCloud, Apple is essentially trying to take the power of native editing tools and make them available over the cloud. The concept is the same as has been used by Microsoft in making Office 365 available to users.

The package offered by Apple includes many such apps which have only been native so far. These include Numbers, Pages and Keynote. Together, the three let you edit and create word documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

iWork for iCloud works fine on your machine if you’re using Safari 6.0.3 or later Chrome 27.0.1 or later and Internet Explorer 9.0.8 or later. The best part is that the service works fine both on PCs and Macs. You can create a document, for instance, through iWork for iCloud and then instantly save it in the iCloud so that it can be accessed from your other devices.

In this way, not only does iWork for iCloud offer editing tools on the go, it also lets you sync your content instantly between multiple machines and devices, so that it is more easily accessible for you.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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