AT&T Wants To Spend $150M To Promote Lumia 900

The telecommunication giant AT&T wants to spend $150M to promote Lumia 900. This amount is much higher comparing to iPhone’s campaign. AT&T has denied on its Lumia budget but the company said few days ago that it would launch its biggest campaign ever for the Lumia 900.

Lumia 900

According to the Ad Age – AT&T wouldn’t comment on Lumia spnding, but $150 million isn’t small change even for the No. 2 biggest spender in the country, which wielded $3 billion in advertising in 2010.

Blame it on iPhone. Since AT&T had to start sharing the Apple product with Verizon early last year, its biggest rival has been adding smartphone subscribers faster. That’s trouble, because carriers are looking to smartphone owners’ profitable data plans to propel growth as other revenue streams dry up.

Source: Ad Age

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  1. Tsais_eredar

    I’m sure most of that comes from Microsoft…

    There’s a lot of sales people around here, trying to foist a Windphone on you, even when you’re explicitely asking for something else.  So there must be some massive incentives…

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