Australian Court Lifts Ban From Samsung Galaxy Tab

A day ago, we reported that there’s a high probability that an Australian appeals court may overturn a ban imposed on Samsung’s tablet in Australia. The ban was imposed in response to Apple’s objection. As it is, our apprehensions were quite true. The ban was overturned by an Australian court on Wednesday.

Apple resent the overturned ban:
Apple had worked hard to get the ban in place because Apple believes Samsung copies certain design elements from iPad in it’s Galaxy Tablet. The ban, needless to say, was very good news for Apple while at the same time a disaster for Samsung since it meant Samsung won’t sell any Galaxy tablet in Australia during the high, holiday season.

Now that the ban is overturned and Samsung will be able to make sales at least through Christmas, Apple is all set to launch yet another appeal against the current verdict. Apple lawyers argued that the ban be left in place at least until Apple filed another appeal against the overturn on Friday. The court has agreed to this request.

This is not to say that Samsung is taking it easy. Samsung has also launched a case against Apple on the same basis, patent violations, with an Australian court. The date for hearing is set in early 2012.

The legal battles between two tech-industry giants continues in a number of European countries. Recently, Apple got ahead of Samsung by having Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany and so, forcing Samsung to redesign the device.

Image courtesy 3 Svierge.
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