Baidu Search Will Be Built-in On iOS Devices From Next Month

We had been told earlier that Baidu search was coming to OS X in its next version. And now, it has been reported that most probably, Apple will also be introducing the option of Baidu search in its iOS mobile operating system the next month. Although this doesn’t come from a very reliable source and is just a rumor, but it does makes sense.

This has been reported by a Chinese news portal Sina Tech. According to the portal, ‘knowledgeable sources’ had said that Apple will soon be integrating an option for Baidu search in iOS. With this options, users will have the choice to opt out of the default Google search on Safari browser and rather set Baidu search in its place.

The same has been hinted by Baidu’s cloud and mobile chief Li Mingyuan. Last week, he stated that Baidu had a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Apple in China. This could mean that in the coming days, Apple will increasingly facilitate Chinese users access to Baidu search options on their iOS devices.

So far, Apple or Baidu hasn’t commented on this rumor and so, we don’t have the official word on it yet. But given Apple’s tendency to let Chinese users go for a search engine of their source, it does make sense that Apple would go for a Baidu search option in iOS devices.

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