Bitcoin Opens For 300 Million People In Middle East And North Africa

Bitcoin is a popular electronic cash system that enables users to carry out irreversible transactions which are controlled through a lot of authenticity tools. For long, the option of acquiring Bitcoins was not available to users in Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Bitcoin Nordic has finally introduced a system to do so for users residing in the MENA region.

The service that Bitcoin Nordic has introduced for MENA users to acquire Bitcoins is called the cashU payment. The users can simply walk to one of the innumerable locations all around MENA and purchase a prepaid cashU card.

According to the company’s head of operations, Lasse Birk Olesen, “We are very excited about introducing cashU as a payment option on Bitcoin Nordic. This will expose Bitcoin to a whole new region.”

CashU prepaid cards are already quite popular in a number of countries within MENA region. Specifically, they are widely used in UAE, KSA, Palestine, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Algeria and Egypt.

Moreover, cashU payment option is also quite convenient in that it allows not only prepaid cards to be used for account top-up but has also a number of other payment systems as partners which enables the system to be globally viable and usable, thus making it a great addition for MENA users.

However, the acquiring of Bitcoins through this system may be a little pricier for MENA users since it will cost them MtGo x 24h average + 15% for now. But the company has plans of somehow reduce this price in the coming days.

Courtesy: Bitcointalk

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