Blogger Wins Suits Against Apple Over Defective MacBook Pro

A lot of us believe that Apple’s products are nearly, and mostly, flawless. Particularly if it is a MacBook Pro which is one of the priciest machines commonly used, it has to be flawless. That is precisely what Seattle Rex thought, though that turned out to be wrong. And Rex, naturally, was not happy.

Rex went on to spent some $4500 on buying a MacBook Pro and had to pay $5100 in all, including the costs for Apple Care. However, the machine that he bought was defective. Soon, the Nvidia chip used in the laptop starting to malfunction and soon after, the laptop was dead.

Rex, naturally, was furious. He demanded Apple to set things right and have his machine fixed. Apple, on the other hand, is known for shying away from acknowledging any defects in its machines. And resorted to charge Rex $600 as fee for repairing the machine.

Rex sums up his situation in the following words, ‘A $4,500 laptop that fails in 3 years and 3 months if defective. Period.’ He tried to contact a number of Apple personnel to bring up the issue and to make the company acknowledge that the MacBook Pro was defective but to no use. Finally, Rex went on to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau over the issue. He also filed a small claims lawsuit against Apple.

Now, the verdict for the lawsuit is in and not unexpectedly, Rex has won the case. It is quite commendable that while many others would let such an issue go by paying a repair fee, Rex went on to demand what was his right and with the right efforts, he did get it. It is also a lesson for Apple to learn the fact that even Apple products can be defective.

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