China Labor Watch Found Child Workers At Samsung Supplier Factory

According to Labor Ministry of China, no companies/industries can recruit employee/worker under the age of 16. Lately, during an investigation at a HTNS Shenzhen Co. factory, a company that assembles Samsung cell phones, China Labor Watch (CLW) found minimum three under-age girls working at the facility.

Under 16 Labors At HTNS Shenzhen Co. Factory

New York-based non-government organization China Labor Watch’s mission is to defend the workers’ rights in China. Through research, advocacy and legal assistance, China Labor Watch seeks to help China’s workers become more informed of their rights and more empowered to realize those rights within their communities. Many people as well as students work in factories to run their livelihood and expenditure.

On the other side, Samsung said it didn’t find any child workers during factory audit in September. To verify Samsung’s information, two weeks later, a team of CLW entered at a HTNS Shenzhen Co. factory. The company assembles Samsung cell phones. CLW team found 3 under-age girls were assembling Samsung cellphones. The group came to know that the monthly overtime hours of one girl was over 150 hours. After further investigation the group dug out the bitter truth.

There were around 1,100 workers who were often forced to do overtime or labor, given sub-minimum overtime wages and crude personnel management. That’s not all. the company had discrimination issue in hiring labors, and the company’s safety training was not up to the legal standards. Those workers who were capable of doing less work or have inability to work were forced to resign.

However, the CLW notified Samsung about the under-age girls and the current situation of the factory saying, “Investigators of CLW have discovered child labor in other factories that produce for Samsung as well. Samsung must not allow such labor violations in its supply chain. It should put measures in place immediately to ensure that no more child workers will be involved in any part of the production or assembly process of Samsung products.” After getting this notification, Samsung sent personnel to speak with them.

We have come to know that among those three under-16 girls, two girls no longer work at HTNS and Samsung can’t contact them. Stay with us. As soon as we know something about it, we’ll update it.

Source: CNET

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