Countdown To 25 Billionth App Store Download Begins, Apple Offers $10,000 Gift Card

Apple certainly has a rather grand way of celebrating things. As it is, Apple is just about to hit the mark of 25 billion downloads that have been done from it’s App Store. This is a remarkably huge number and goes on to show Apple’s uncontested hegemony in the smartphone world. To add a little sugar to the occasion, Apple has offered a $10,000 App Store Gift Card for the one user who will download the 25 billionth app.

Apple has been celebrating such occasions in the past too and with similar grandeur. For instance, when the download mark was about to reach 10 billion, Apple announced a similar reward of $10,000 Gift Card for the one who downloaded the 10 billionth app. That mark was finally reached in January 2011.

App Store was originally launched back in 2008. In the first year, it experience 1.5 billion downloads. But things have been on an exponential rise ever since. Every year, the traffic to the App Store and the subsequent downloads are increasing by billions.

Apple revealed in January that it has paid $4 billion to the developers at App Store. This clearly shows that the revenue from App Store has also grown to huge figures.

You can enter for te $10,000 Gift Card here.

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