Court Tells Apple To Amend And Repost Apology Statement To Samsung

In the legal battle between Apple and Samsung, a UK court had exonerated Samsung of the charge of copying iPad’s design. As a result, the court told Apple to post on its website that Samsung didn’t copy the said design. Apple did so but the court seems displeased with the company’s approach.

While Apple did comply with the court’s order of posting an official apology on its website, it tried to act smart. The company posted a tiny link at the bottom of its page which redirected to the official page of the apology.

And even the statement of the apology seemed far from sympathetic towards Samsung. Rather, in the statement, Apple cited a number of other instances where Samsung had been found guilty of infringing Apple’s design patents. The company apparently tried to drown a subtle apology in a barrage of other facts and figures.

As a result, the judges who gave the verdict that Samsung didn’t infringe Apple patents are visibly displeased. They have explicitly stated that Apple has not fully complied with the court’s orders and that “Apple must now within 48 hours publish a correction on their homepage with a link to the corrected statement in not less than 11-point font.”

Apple’s lawyer tried to argue that it was impossible to post an amended version so soon but the judges rebutted his objection. Apple will now have to repost an amended version of the statement on its website. And hopefully, the link to this statement will be more visible given the fact that the company must post it in an 11-point font.

Courtesy: Guardian

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