Ericsson Files Lawsuit Against Samsung Over Alleged Patent Infringement

LM Ericsson is one of the leaders in the field of wireless infrastructure. The company has a number of highly valuable wireless patents to its name and has now claimed that Samsung has infringed its patents, filing a lawsuit against the South Korean electronics maker.


Ericsson’s patents portfolio is one of its key possessions and it is precisely with the help of these key patents that Ericsson has been able to emerge as a giant in the telecom sector. During the year 2010 – 2011, Ericsson earned a whopping $9 billion from its patents alone!

The company is well cognizant of this prized possession and early this year, it revealed plans to focus its energies on actively licensing its patents and turning them into an active revenue stream. Following on those plans, Ericsson had been pursuing a number of companies which, it believed, were making use of its patents without licensing them.

The negotiations between Samsung and Ericsson have been going on for the past two years but apparently, they have proved futile. Ericsson claims that the patents that Samsung has infringed are about technology that is essential to several telecommunications and networking standards.

Ericsson had been trying to persuade Samsung to pay for making use of the said technology but the latter has been persistent in refusing to do so. And thus, Ericsson is now forced to launch a lawsuit against it.

Courtesy: Federal News Radio

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