Ericsson Wants ITC To Ban Samsung Galaxy Devices In US

We recently reported that after years of back-and-forth negotiations failed between Samsung and Ericsson, the latter has decided to take the legal course. Apparently, in relation to this decision, Ericsson has also filed complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission(ITC), seeking a ban on many Samsung products.


In the past, the telecom infrastructure giant Ericsson has alleged that Samsung makes use of a number of its patents without gaining official licensing permissions to do so. In other words, Samsung makes use of certain patents for free when it should be paying for them, alleges Ericsson.

After the negotiations between the two companies failed recently, Ericsson has launched a lawsuit and has also filed a plea to ITC urging it to ban a number of Samsung products from the U.S. market. These products include Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Nexus and a whole lot of other devices.

Ericsson further supports its case by citing that Apple has legally licensed the 11 patents that Samsung continues to infringe. Samsung, on the other hand, claims that Ericsson’s demands are too ‘excessive’ and unfair and that it wouldn’t relent to them.

So far, Ercisson claims that more than 100 well-known firms have agreed to its terms and only Samsung seems to be having problems with them. If ITC takes Ericsson’s filing seriously and launches another round of investigation against Samsung, it can make things a tab bit hard for the South Korean electronics maker in the U.S. market.

Source: ITC

Courtesy: ZDNet

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